World Tragedy series challenges the way the news and media moves from one tragic situation to another filling us with emotions and a desire to act. The ‘sound bites’ of the world move on and we are expected to as well. The World Tragedy series is about making a mark through painting  that reminds the viewer of that moment when the event was called breaking news. World Tragedy has been exhibited in municipal galleries and in Paris and New York
1100 Tokens of the monk’s uprising in Mayanmar in 2008 when the monks were arrested by the junta through use of CNN and BBC coverage. the number is symbolic of 1100 monks  who were initially imprisoned . this rose to over 3,000
 911 is 343 portraits of all the firefighters who perished at the world trade centre site of 9/11/01
 Tsunami is the 2004 earthquake that killed 250,000 people in 24 hours. I painted a line for each person on a single canvas in 24 hours
                                                  Orphan represents the 80,000 children orphaned after the Haiti earthquake and the trafficking in children that went on after the event.