From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads 
‘Misfit teen Martin goes in search of his absent father and his pop idol in a sharply observed, compelling one-man show – Lyn Gardner’
‘Andie Scott’s stage set – costumes worn by the late David Bowie suspended along the walls in translucent covering – makes one assume that From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads is going to be a tribute act. Got that wrong – although The Thin White Duke is an essential element Adrian Berry’s play is a harrowing and riveting study of a mind that is, well, under pressure….. From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads achieves two of the things that Bowie managed throughout his career – it confounds expectations to be a complete surprise and is of very high quality.’
‘On a simple set (designed by Andie Scott) of varying decking levels and a couple of black boxes of different sizes surrounded by walls of what seems like semi-transparent strips of wrapping material, giving us the sense he is inside a box, Alex Walton, directed by writer Adrian Berry, tells Martin’s story…..A fascinating exploration of a disturbed mind, intelligently written superbly performed’
Miss Havisham’s Expectations
‘The iconic Miss Haversham look, a skeletal old lady in a decaying wedding dress, is created beautifully. And the costume design was my favourite part of this show; the two ‘Estella’ dresses are quite breathtaking, glistening like sweetie wrappers. ….’ Fringe guru
‘Enter Linda Marlowe in decaying wedding dress, made up like someone who hasn’t seen the sun for decades. The colourlessness is accentuated in the design work (Andie Scott), with a white, silvery and transparent set presented against a black background.’
Boasting a minimalist yet imaginative and effective set…..ginger hibiscus
The stage is largely kept simple, and this works, allowing it to become the location for any number of schemes and memories.
Andie Scott on