Since 2004 I started the Flower Portraits. The orchids produced during breast cancer treatment express the parasitic nature of the cancer cells, the dark backgrounds expressed my inner despair. the latest of the shows was at UCH. 

‘The Beekeepers’ are filled with vibrant colour because they aspire to attract you just as the real thing display themselves to entice the bees and other insects. The pure pigments I use on the linen backgrounds sometimes reach an intensity brighter than the flowers themselves in which I try to capture the atmosphere surrounding the flowers; vivid lime greens of the white sunlight in mid summer or soft pastels of hazy frost filled mornings. The line tracings, familiar in my people portraits collect the essence of the flowers’ structural forms and indicate the wind, sunlight and shadows.

The blossom series are still evolving, using the combination of technique suggests the fragility of nature in an urban setting, the transience of life and always the need to feed our London Bees to maintain this abundant pleasure.