I am fascinated by Circus ….the history of costume for it and how it has developed.

I have been developing new cat suit patterns specific to acts such as Chinese Pole and Contortion which allow dramatic effect, maximum flexibility and comfort while being very robust.

Circus costume and stage work includes:

‘Strange Forces for  3rd year devised pieces The National Centre for Circus Arts,

‘Everyday Everyday’links for 3rd year devised pieces The National Centre for Circus Arts

individual costumes for students from the NCCA who receive a discounted rate,

circus costumes and stilt costumes at Bloomsbury Big Tent : Cirque Extraordinaire, Cirque Shanghai and Cirque de Paris for Producer Sorcha Ra

Individual costumes include  clients Sorcha Ra Stewart Pemberton Karine Friez Charline Kandilian Professor Truman’s Laboratory ….

If you are interested in making an appointment to discuss a show please email me on